Horsford Downs Trial.

 We arrived at Horsford Downs for the trial on Sunday. It was looking a bit overcast and the sandflies were out…. Paul J gave us some clear instructions at riders brief “there’s a paddock with buffalo, don’t go there” and “there is a water hole at the end of section 2, don’t go there”. We were the set loose to test those new found skills from the training the day before.

I had the pleasure of riding with Karl, Brendon and Cullum who made everything look effortless as you would expect. We also had Bradley and David riding with us and they were looking very sharp after the training the day before.

The sections had a variety of terrain from slippery creek beds, to logs, hillsides and dry rock. There was enough in them to catch even the best of us out. Section 5 turned into more of a let’s see how many rocks we can ride over before we get to the end. And section 8 had had a few different interpretations from what I heard and saw.

I saw a couple of twin shocks tackle the intermediate line. Brent D’s TY was thrown at the rock slab in section 7 with a few revs in 1st gear. Alan and Paul D rode the day in intermediate, even getting up section 4s hill which had me almost looping my bike at the top.

It was good to see a good number of riders and supporters out again. The sidechairs came out to play on the sections and one of the chairs and its riders went for swim…. Andy, Kendal and they weren’t the only ones to go for a swim but I won’t name names.

Thanks to those who put the trial in, it was a great day.

See you all at the next one.



Horsford Downs Trial.
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