Purau Bay Trial April 2010

With the summer series successfully completed it was time to get into our monthly trials again. 

Brent, Stef and Shirley did a beaut job at Purau (lower farm) for the relaunching of the Luxton Memorial team challenge.


This trophy is quite old and was originally competed for as an interclub competition in the days when Christchurch had more clubs. So rather than let the shield accumulate dust in the trophy cupboard it was decided to resurrect it with a challenge amongst club members. Teams were chosen by working through the various grades taking an experienced rider with less experienced so mentoring would help get the team through with minimal points lost. The 3 man team with the lowest accumulated points lost was deemed the winner.


Sections included a wide variety of terrain. 1&2 were in the dry creek bed with its dry powdery banks. No 3 was probably the toughest with many log crossings and tight approaches. The remainder meandered there way in and out of the rocks/banks up the stream and although there had been overnight rain, traction was primo and the rocks dry.


We all had a great day and at the end it was Ross, Jon and Mel who came away with the goods. Also we were able to give away a tyre that Brendon from Nelson Marlborough Trials Centre donated  for one of the younger up and coming members. With Bradley and David riding different grades it was decided on a coin toss with Bradley reaping the spoils. I am sure it will be well used next time we see it.


Cheers Ross B

Purau Bay Trial April 2010
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