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Hi all   

What a good way to start the week with a kiwi taking a major title out of Aussie.

Well done Jake. You deserve it. Well done to those who went and supported also.    

The purpose of this letter however is to outline to you the benefits of belonging to MNZ as I spend a lot of my time listening to….. "what do I get from MNZ for my money?"     

I hope you take the time to read the two attachments.                                                

Jim Henderson for Moto Trials MNZ 

Please distribute to all trials riders

An important message from the commissioner 

Over the period that I have been in the role of commissioner I have consistently fielded one particular question from “Trials riders” which is “what does MNZ give us for our money?” I find this to be a question that is difficult to put exact quantities on but I will try to outline the ‘value’ of your organisation. 

1          Organisation is the word and without an infrastructure starting from FIM and ending here in NZ with our own MNZ affiliated clubs we would struggle with the concept of rules, competitions, awards, safety, stewarding, strategic planning, constitutions, budgeting, fundraising and general administration. ALL of this has to be paid for and it costs no less to cater for a Trials rider in the area of the aforementioned as it does for any other discipline. ALL of this administration is paid for by a variety of means, not least of which is monies from riders [you] 

2          Insurance. Every MNZ permitted event is covered by a comprehensive insurance. I am attaching a copy of the cover that is available for you all to read and you may be interested to know that I have contacted the provider [FSR] who have assured me that we, as “course setters” [or in any other official capacity], are covered by insurance whilst at the venue SO LONG AS WE HAVE AN MNZ PERMIT [so get your permits early]. 

3          Fundraising opportunities. I am ‘sticking my neck out here’ but there will be some in the sport that will reap the benefits of belonging to an International affiliated body [FIM gave $4800 for Oceania travel] these few riders, while taking a larger proportion of the fund pool, help to ‘raise the bar’ of our sport. Take a minute to imagine our sport without these champions among us. I firmly believe that if we utilized our MNZ organization better there would be even more funding opportunities. [And these opportunities not necessarily confined to our elite]. Hopefully I will see this in my term as commissioner. [We will try first with TDN]. 

4              An office with staff ensures continuity of the sport. Many a club has failed      through “things not getting done”. Our capable and friendly staff at MNZ ensures that things get done and endeavour to ensure that MNZ affiliated clubs keep their houses in order too. 

5          We have a website at our disposal with the previously mentioned friendly and capable staff to keep it fresh. At present it is much under utilized but there is vast potential               

I am sure that the points I have made will not have convinced you all, but I would like you to consider the alternatives. The CHEAPEST POSSIBLE way to enjoy a Trials bike is to find an area that is free to ride in and spend your Sunday there with your mates. You could even make yourself some pegs and call it a competition. The next CHEAPEST way is to form your own club and buy some insurance and take the advantages of low ‘overheads’ [as Pioneer have done]. 

BUT….. The limitations to these systems are when anyone in your group wants to go “beyond your group” you then have a dilemma of those who want to “go national/international” must pay twice. Once to their own group and once to be affiliated to the international governing body. Logistically it makes the most sense to me [and it did in 2005 when MTA was mooted] to pay to a MNZ affiliated club to avoid duplication and spend the time and energy to “get MNZ right”                       

Getting MNZ right:                                   

Most dissenters are keen to condemn the cost structures of MNZ but would not consider the changes that they, as members, can try to make to enhance their sport or personal situation. What I am saying here is that I feel that most who are eager to criticize would readily exit MNZ if an opportunity arose as opposed to getting involved with, understanding and/or [if needed] sorting out MNZ issues. Whilst I was very pleased with the turnout at the AGM Trials workshop, the attendance of Trials riders at the Annual General Meeting was insignificant. And, for example, when the licence fee increase [for 2010] was mooted not a single Trials rider rose to speak. How can you then justifiably criticize this fee increase?It should be mentioned here, that this years AGM weekend included some excellent seminars on financial management and resources that would have benefited all that attended. What is needed is an understanding of your clubs and MNZ’s annual report, balance sheet and fee/cost structure and for those informed people to leave their bikes in the shed occasionally to lend a voice to administration. Maybe there are areas that could be improved….Maybe there are areas that you need a greater understanding           

Having said that, I could add that that current administration has some favourable discounts in the fee structure and I wonder whether you are aware or utilizing these:

1                    Permit fee discount for low attendance [< 15 riders] = refund of half permit fee [$25.00]  

2                    NZ and Island championship Trials @ half the permit cost of other disciplines i.e. $100 instead of $200      

3          Are you making full use of “Training Days”? 

To put these numbers into perspective I would like to suggest that on average a rider is only paying around $2 to $4 per day to cover MNZ permit costs. 

If a rider rode 14 days of MNZ events he/she would be paying at the rate of $10 a day to cover the cost of a senior competition licence. 

If a club licence cost around $40 you could then assume that there would be a further cost of around $3 per day 

Add these costs together and you will be spending a total of $16 per day on club and MNZ fees [about half the cost of a trail ride] 

From where I sit this is good value.                                               

 Jim Henderson              

Benefits from using MNZ Permits and Licenses 

Public Liability – $10,000,000 (Excess $2,500) 

Indemnity for compensation in respect of unexpected and unintended third party personal, injury or property damage, for which are legally liable.Also includes Forest & Rural Fires Act of $5,000,000 and Punitive & Exemplary Damages in NZ $1,000,000.                                                                                       

Statutory & Employers Liability – $1,000,000 (Excess $1,000) 

Indemnity for sums which we may become legally liable to pay as a fine or penalty under statue, include defence costs incurred. 

Law Safe – $300,000 

Reimbursement for the Legal expenses incurred in defending any legal action. 

Personal Accident (Competitors) – $10,000 

For any rider (excluding those over 65 & OEL) who may be fatally injured            

Personal Accident (Officials). 

For any official who may be fatally injured $10,000.

The additional are payable for Officials for the following; % of Sum Insured

Permanent Total Disablement – 100%

Permanent and incurable paralysis of all limbs – 100%

Permanent Total Loss of all sight of both eyes – 100%

Permanent Total Loss of all sight of one eye – 100%

Permanent Total Loss of use of two limbs – 100%

Permanent Total Loss of use of one limb – 100%

Permanent Total Loss of use of four fingers and thumb of either hand – 75%

Permanent Total Loss of use of the lens of one eye – 60%

Third degree burns and/or resultant disfigurement which covers more than 40% of the entire external body – 50%

Emergency Ambulance Transport – $1,000                                          


The Commissioner Speaks
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