Waimakariri River Trials Practice Area

Trials Area, North Bank of Waimakariri River 


As most of you know we have been allocated and area of about 2 acres, 3kms upstream from the Waimakariri River bridge on the north side to set up a trials practice area.


I have been working with Kate Roughan from Ecan regarding what we can put there. The focus has been on permanent materials to keep the area as maintenance free as possible. It also means what we set up won’t fall apart.


So far we have got 10 concrete cubes (the river protection ones), 9 large boulders up to 1 metre in size, 1x small rubber track, 1 x large flat rubber track, 3 medium size tyres, 3 large size tyres and 6 very large tyres, approx 15 concrete pipes starting at 600mm diameter up to 2 metres in diameter, 2 large round concrete troughs, one 2 metre square concrete slab, 3 water troughs and other assorted concrete bits and piles of dirt which is a good start.


We also have a sign there and one more to come so we can acknowledge the support of various companies. This support has been by donating products and transporting it to site for free which is a huge cost and time saving for the club. The companies that have supported us so far are;


·         Ecan, the land

·         Hynds Pipes Systems, concrete products

·         Clarke machinery, rubber track

·         Readymix concrete, tyres

·         Porter Hire machinery, tyres and rubber track

·         Beaurepairs tyres, tyres


Without their support the project would be impossible.


Now that we have a large jigsaw puzzle of bits in a paddock we need to get out there and create a tidy workable trials practice area for all grades. Steve Hand has offered his services with the digger, bobcat and truck to dig in, shift around and set up which is great as many of the items are simply too heavy to move manually.


Kate from Ecan has said she will put on a BBQ lunch for us which is great.


We still need smaller concrete pipes from 150mm to 300mm and concrete lamp posts etc so if you know of anything let me know.


Keep an eye on this page, Derek will put on updates as we go and the set up day will be on here too.




Paul Delis


Note:- We plan to have a work/practice day at the area on 12th September which is the next practice day on our calendar. We will have confirmation for you here soon.





Waimakariri River Trials Practice Area
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