Puaha Valley

We left home on yet another gloomy damp morning and headed north to a fine sunny day. For once the Bank's Peninsula weather machine was having a day off! Having not been to Puaha before, we were expecting a soggy mudfest, but were surprised to find that the site is on a free draining hillside at the head of the valley. Not quite drained enough to be tempted to drive the Crewman out for a closer look so instead took up a vantage point in the gateway in everyone's way. [Sorry about that].

Briefing over, then into it. Bradley in the company of El Presidente, Shane and John, a Brains Trust that I'm sure he learned much from. Billy was once again taken under the caring and very instructive wing of Mel. There appeared to be a good mix of slippery hillsides, scoured gulleys, rocks and native bush remnants. The scores at the end of the day suggested that the section setters did a good job, with some impressively low numbers through to some larger ones. Of particular note; Davey on 6 in Clubbie A, John going from strength to strength on the Evo to score 27 in Intermediate [I forgive you for giving Bradley a taste of Evo], a Downes Family tie for 2nd and Bradley not far behind in 4th. Also first timer Connor and Billy both completing a difficult trial.

I met and had agood yarn with the Farmer[my name retention not good]. Apparently if we had held the trial on Saturday, we could have been 'Flogging a dead horse'. Discovered that we have quite a few shared friends and relatives.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the club for taking our boys into the most positive and inspirational enviroment I have ever encountered. So everyone from El Presidente to Scotty for an amazing Web Site, the section setters, Camp Mother Sandra for catering to our every need, Please all take a bow.

Mike Rowley.

Clubbies walk up hillside to inspect dead prehistoric creature

Puaha Valley
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