N.Z. Mototrials Championships 2010 Updated Riders List

This is the confirmed riders list as at 2pm Tuesday 12th October.

If you have entered and are not on this list then you should contact me at info@pioneertrials.co.nz

Riders List
Name Grade
Karl Clark Expert
Jake Whitaker Expert
Nick Ball Expert Minder
Phil Shilton A Grade
Carl Robson A Grade
Brad Hibbs A Grade
Nick Olliver A Grade
Blake Fox A Grade
Jim Lowe-Pattie A Grade
Kevin Pinfold A Grade
Matt Foster A Grade
Ashley Halder Intermediate
Colin Downs Intermediate
Andy Beale Intermediate
John Regan Intermediate
Darryl Parkhill Intermediate
John Haynes Intermediate
James Snowden Intermediate
Andy Olliver Intermediate
Peter Olliver Intermediate
Shane Brons Intermediate
Paul Jackson Intermediate
Stef Downes Intermediate
Peter Blaymires Intermediate
Glenn Smith Intermediate
Gary Samson Intermediate
Derek Scott Intermediate
Rob Howard Intermediate
Darren Stockman Presidents
Colin Kelland Presidents
Steve Armistead Presidents
Jim Henderson Presidents
Steve Wade Presidents
Kevin Tither Presidents
Paul McLeod Presidents
Ross Bristol Presidents
John Lawton Presidents
Stephen Olliver Presidents
Graeme Hibbs Presidents
Peter Osborne Presidents
Colin Godsell Presidents
Francis Sydenham Clubman
Kim Pedersen Clubman
Anthony Perkins Clubman
Neil McCabe Clubman
Nigel Shilton Clubman
Lisa Shilton Clubman
Daniel Clark Clubman
Danny Spencer Clubman
Jamie Mead Clubman
Gavin Fox Clubman
Paul Aubrey Clubman
Rob McKay Clubman
Ryan Dunn Clubman
Andrew Anderson Clubman
Mark Draper Clubman
Rob Alexander Clubman
David Trewin Junior
Ben McLeod Junior
Gabrielle Gundry Junior
Brady Inwood Junior
Liam Draper Junior
Billy Rowley Junior
Bradley Grant Junior
N.Z. Mototrials Championships 2010 Updated Riders List
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