Waimak Working Bee

The Working Bee at the Waimak was a huge success with a lot of work getting done. Massive thanks to Steve Hand for donating his time and more importantly his digger to get the job done. Without that we would not have achieved much. There is still work to do out there but this was a good start and there are now several obstacles to go out and practice on. The plan is to have another working bee in the new year and to keep adding to the area as time goes on.

Thanks to all the members who came out to help and to Paul Delis and his 2.I.C. John Regan for organising everything on the day. Also thanks to Kate for the BBQ lunch and drinks.

Sandra took a few photos (about 60) and I will post them on the gallery in a couple of days.


Once a Trials rider always a Trials rider!


Steve Hand shifting a concrete slab into place.


The workers getting ready to try things out.


Glenn shows us all how to get over the BIG pipes.


Waimak Working Bee
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