Moto Trials “C” Grade referendum

Hi allThis is an important task as it could become a rule soon                                               


Moto Trials “C” Grade referendum

There may be some confusion as to how this newly introduced grade is to work. Here is how:

For all intents and purposes the “C” grade will replace the ‘Presidents’ grade.

At all championship events, ALL those riding the ‘green line’ will be eligible for the ‘award’ that is currently provided by the host club [previously Presidents award].

There will be NO requirement for clubs to provide ‘Presidents’ awards

From the overall results, the points for those who entered as ‘Presidents’ will be extrapolated and recorded to be counted toward the annual award of certificates and trophy in the ‘President’ grade.

Points accrued for ‘Presidents’ will be counting down from 1st place [25pts] as per standard format. That is if the best ‘President’ was placed, say, 3rd in the “C” grade, they would still be awarded 25pts for the ‘Presidents’ grade. [And if the next best ‘President’ was, say, 5th in “C” they would be awarded 22pts in’Prezzies’…..etc]

This will add more admin work to the trial but I do believe not as big a burden as the above may suggest. I do hope that it will bring more pleasure than pain.                                               

 Jim Henderson for Moto Trials

If you have read the above and completely understand this in conjunction with my previous letter explaining WHY it is being implemented I would like you to cast your vote [this week] as to whether the green line should be available to riders other than ‘Presidents’ [i.e. a “C” grade introduced].

Please vote……… YES ….or…..NO to the “C” grade

And return ASAP

……Post your comment here and I will forward it to Jim!!……

Moto Trials “C” Grade referendum
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