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Moving back to U.K.

Dear Pioneer Members and Friends
Next week we the "Belcher family" are returning to the UK, with the recent passing of Pauline's father and recent troubled times we have all been experiencing here in Christchurch we feel it’s the right time to move back. We are unfortunately here in NZ on our own and found it rather difficult.
We have been in New Zealand for 8 years and it was unfortunate that we only found the Pioneer Club in the latter years. Thanks to Stefan, (I don't think many pom's have thanked a German before) but if it had not been for him we would have not enjoyed our last couple of years as much. It has been fantastic being part of such a great Club that run great Trials. Finley is disappointed not to finish his first year in competition but have explained that he will have to learn a new skill on his Trials Bike in the UK, How to Queue, we are taking the TY back so he can get riding as soon as the container arrives. The Club in the UK has a great number of junior riders with 3 classes of their own. Recently I spoke to a friend back in Oxfordshire and they had over 30 riders at a training day on Wednesday Evening. I hope to get another bike, just wish I have a better run of luck with the injuries. We are sorry we were not able to get to the last couple of Trials and say a personnel goodbye, I intended, but the truck sold quicker than anticipated so we were without transport.
I have been looking at the results today and great to see Bradley, Billy and David, plus everyone else doing so well in the last couple of Trials, Next year will be interesting as we get back to the UK, Finley will have tough competition and if he continues to ride and improve as he has in the last year, it may not be long before he starts to ask for a new bike? Or can he go to Scotland for the 6-Day?
Best wishes to you all and thank you for being such a great sport and friendly group that will be dearly missed.
Stuart, Pauline, Finley and Amelia

Moving back to U.K.
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