Blenheim 2011


Blenheim 2011

Pioneer had very good representation at rounds 3 and 4 of the disrupted South Island Trials Championship.

We all headed off with snow and winds predicted to hit the South Island and were really pleased to see how the section setters had managed to co ordinate the running of the event to be between snow and rain showers.

The sections on day one had been greatly eased to cope with the heavy rain on Friday night and consisted of a great variety of terrain which probably means there was something for everyone to dislike. The venue is on two properties even though we only use about 5 acres total. We have some excellent slippery hillsides and creek beds for the likes of Andy Beale who thinks traction is for pussies and they had some good quarry rocks and climbs to allow Karl and Jason to show off. I think the clubman lines may have been a bit hard and I hope that Pioneer has an easier line for clubman, but the rest of the classes were fantastic.

Jason has proven that he still has the ability to be at the top in the South Island and put in two brilliant days riding, but we all saw Karl’s new Factory 300 Beta sitting on show so look out next event.

The weather packed in on Saturday night and when we arrived at day two [same venue] it was bitterly cold and we could all feel the rubbish weather coming. We started early and rode the event like an enduro with most people finishing by about 2PM.

We had an excellent trial with awesome observers and a fun trip home through hail, snow, sleet and rain.

High point for me was watching Ross 5 a section 3 times that I cleaned 3 times and also John the Pom’s   jokes on Friday night. Bad bit was when the section that I had beaten Ross on was reversed next day I fived it while he cleaned it.

A great weekend away with Pioneer. Why don’t you come next time.



Blenheim 2011
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