Marty Rush Memorial Greybeards 2011

A relaxing way to round off a great year of Pioneer club trials, and not a bad turnout considering the busy trials calendar at this time of year. For those riders in the club that ride both Pioneer and Classic trials, the Greybeards represented week five of six straight weekends of trials merriment. A short drive out of town to Weedons Ross Road, for the only trial of the year that you can finish with a negative score. Better still; the sections were pegged by Brent, Shirley and Stef.

In attendance, a great selection of aged bikes and/or riders:Alan H’bone dragged out his trusty Ossa. Rob Stowell and his nature reserve put in a rare appearance on the low flying AJS. Kendall compensated for his lack of seniority by dragging out Peter’s one owner from new 1971 Model 49 Bultaco. It was refreshing to see Kendall not have everything his own way. Well done to Peter Barnett for having a go at three laps of the A-line, and well done to those ever improving regulars Greg Creagh, Dave Davies and Shirley McDonald.

Ted Tomlinson was presented with the walking stick trophy after an exceptional ride on the B-line and -17.5 points not lost. On the A-line, it was the ever youthful Mel Banks that took victory with an impressive -33 points not lost.

Highlights of the day… Ross’ speedy erection (of the new ablution block) and Brent’s free-styling (thankfully there is no a#$@-up award at Pioneer trials). Thanks to the Trewins and everyone that made the effort to help with the observing. Thanks also to Sandra for observing, the scores and the BBQ.

See the website gallery for a few pictures of the day.

Marty Rush Memorial Greybeards 2011
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