Tui Creek March 2012 – Summer Series Final Round

Windwhistle did not prove to be the best venue for putting sections in, but on the next day the weather was good for riding. Mild wind, and the sun peeked at us for a while, even got the jacket off for a couple of hours. Most the pegs stayed in the ground and it only took an hour of section checking prior to the event.

Well they say build it, and they will come!.. well with Brent Downes sections its.., "SET THE SECTIONS and they WILL come 🙂


It was exciting to see such a great turn out of 33 competitors. No, seriously this would have been largely due to Karl Clark and the other Nelson, Marlborough competitors. Thanks for coming and thanks to our club members who hosted the visitors again. It certainly increased the attendance on the day.

The final round of the summer series on the Sunday followed the Saturday Training day at Western Valley with Karl. We would loved to have been at the training session, but unfortunately we have yet to find a way to be in two places at once 🙁 instead we were putting in the sections. But there was a real buzz created by the previous days training.

The event kicked off bang on 10.20am, President Alan Duthie officiated at the riders brief and then set us forth into the sections. Hobbit stole the limelight within the first 10 minutes when in section 2 something went terribly wrong. As I don't know exactly what happened, I will make it up. The bike stopped and Hobbit didn't, sending him landing heavily on his shoulder. We don't know yet if it was broken or not, but we were considering taking a sweepstake on the outcome.. was it a broken collarbone?. Our resident camp mother Sandra came to his aid with the bag of ice and a big dose of concern and caring. So poor old Hobbit really did not get his moneys worth of riding, and a long drive home alone with one arm out of action. Hobbit, if you are reading this, I hope you are recovering well.

Gareth rode well on Clubman A line, with a first round of 25 by the fourth round he reduced this to just 14. Look out you experts, it won't be long before Gareth will be up there too.

Sausages were cooked to perfection again by Sandra!, Yum!.. weather started to get dodgy so before long the sections were in, and everyone was on their way home.

When I took my nose out of the results page, only 5 or so people were remaining, so the results were not read out on the day. The full summer series results will be posted and winners declared on the pioneer website.

It has become traditional now to stop at a pub on the way home, the West Melton pub was selected for the beer and "bull" stop. Bit of chat about the days events. Also the up coming world event in Aussie.. who was going, who wasn't and who would be able to help with kaikoura 3 day event….

A great way to finish the summer series.

THANK YOU ALL for attending, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Tui Creek March 2012 – Summer Series Final Round
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