Practice day with Karl Clark at Little River

As always the highlight for me in attending any trials event was the food I brought and this week it was a homemade egg and mayonnaise roll washed down with a hot cup of tea. Once that is taken care of it’s down to business by pretending I’m fine tuning my bike for the days riding ahead.

We were privileged this time to have Karl taking the less experienced riders for the morning session and we started off with some back to basics. Karl is a great teacher and very good at just talking you through the section bit by bit, nice and slowly and clearly explaining what you want to do where ie. to get over the log, round the tight corner etc.  After a few attempts some riders kept practicing on the section while others fine turned their skills on other objects around the property until we moved on to another section. Luckily it was a glorious day so great conditions to practice in and again after Karl had touched on some basic bike maintenance and set up tips we attempted the next section. This one was a bit trickier as it involved some hill climb and different techniques. Karl lead us through the best way to approach the section and sure enough after a few attempts most of us were riding back through the finish pegs with big smiles on our faces. Everyone was eager to share knowledge and encourage others which is important when you are at the beginning of your trials career. A special mention should go to Gareth Wadsworth as, as the only “younger” rider by a country mile he just got on with the riding and quickly improved to clear sections that we were all trying to conquer.

Also I would like to thanks the property owner for letting us use and enjoy the beautiful setting, and all other club members who were involved in organising what was a very enjoyable and successful training day. Oh and Karl of course for some great tips, positive encouragement and taking the time to spread the trials gospel once again over a contented pioneers congregation.


Andy Dimond

Team Egg Mayo


Practice day with Karl Clark at Little River
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