World Moto Trials and Queenstown report from Jim Henderson

World Moto Trials comes to Australia.

The advent of a World Trials round in Australia has given viewing opportunity to many in Australia and NZ who have never seen this calibre in the motorcycle discipline before. We were to witness the sheer size and scale of obstacles that must be attacked without the fear that surely a mere mortal would possess. Riders were seen to attack 3 metre steps with such accuracy that a wheel width off line could send them crashing some 5 metres below. Mostly this was prevented by some ‘heroic’ minding.             

The venue for this spectacle was Mt Tarrengower, Maldon which is an historic village not far from Bendigo, Victoria. It was an ideal source of large and grippy rocks, a valley with slab rock sides and a man made log section. The organisers, MA and Trials Club of Victoria, made an excellent job of giving an entertaining week to all who attended. The NZ contingent who would have consisted of around 120 people in total was there to support “their own” Jake Whitaker, John Haynes and Blake Fox with ‘Minders’ Nick Ball, Warren Laugesen and Gavin Fox. Also in competitors circle was Karl Clark who was ‘Minding’ for Pro rider Jack Challoner.           

While it was never going to be an Australia or NZ podium on any grand scale [Europeans feature heavily on the pro circuit and it is some way off for ‘Down under’Trialsters] it was a very good result for NZ riders with Jake taking a 4th and a 7th in the Junior class [under 23] and staying ahead of all Australian riders and getting among the Europeans. Meanwhile John took a 4th and a 5th and Blake a 7th and a 4th in the Youth [under 18] class and both kept mainly ahead of the Australians.           

 All who made the trip from NZ have spoke of the opportunity to see the “amazing”. Thank you Australia, for bringing Moto Trials ‘Down under’. This is a report that I submitted to MNZ with pictures to go onto the website. I would still like to receive the group photo taken at section 15 on Sunday. I was at a loss as my camera broke down en route.            

On the International front I would like to congratulate Jake, Nick, Blake Gavin, John, Warren and Karl for their valiant efforts in Maldon. You made us proud. I would also congratulate Carl Robson and Steve Armistead for their showing and finishing of the SSDT and Pre 65 ST respectively.

Also to be reported is the: 

MNZ AGM and Workshop at Queenstown

Topics discussed and consensus agreement:

   All present agreed that GROWTH, especially in the Junior sector, should be the sport’s biggest focus.

         The sport needs to address our tolerance of accepting late entries. One way that this could be rectified is through the wider use of an online entry system with automatic penalties in place after late entry date.

         S.I.  Coordinator to assess interest in electronic entry, results and reporting [primarily through SWAN system].

         Electronic systems met with favour [at workshop] but it was essential to ‘find’ personnel around NZ so that Ravo was not over worked or exploited.

         Introduction of a Masters class to run within the Intermediate grade. A rule has been drafted and is seeking board approval to be presented to riders for acceptance and in place before October 2012.

         Rule change of the present ‘one’ green arrow to ‘two’ green arrows [or gates] in President class to be in place before Oct 2012.

         Rule change of the present minimum of 6 required to constitute a class reduced to minimum of 3 required for Moto Trials to be in place by Oct 2012.

         VCS was not supported

         There was much discussion on section setting standards and in light of some international thoughts [WTC at Maldon] I would like to write a separate report in the near future for your perusal.

This is probably about as much as you want to digest for now. I will circulate the rule changes once the Board has looked them over as it is pointless giving details now if they do not pass the first hurdle. I think they will. I will also give you some of our thoughts re section setting along with my Aussie experience.

Jim Henderson for Moto Trials 

World Moto Trials and Queenstown report from Jim Henderson
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