WTC:- A thank you from John and Pete Haynes

Please can you forward this to as many people as possible. 

Firstly, thanks to the Aussies for bringing the Worlds to our part of the world (that’s hard to say as a kiwi, especially as they stole our riders on trials central)

Thank you to the people that made donations towards our trip, to John Lawton(his blood is worth bottling) for all the help over the season, to Warren for all the hours work leading up to the event and to Carron for feeding us many times in the Hawkes Bay. 

I don’t think I have seen so many Kiwi’s at a trial as there was at section 1 on Saturday.  We should be very proud of our riders especially Jake as his day 2 result was fantastic.So thank you to you all for the support over the weekend. 

There are a few riders out there that have 2 years to get ready for the next one(hopefully it comes back). The green 125cc line is open for riders 21 years old.  Set goals and do it, it was the most wonderful experience and if you get a chance, do it. 

Pete and John

WTC:- A thank you from John and Pete Haynes
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