NZ Champs Classes

Hi to all co coordinators and Trials riders 

NZ Champs are almost upon us and I have two announcements re classes 

1   There will not be a Masters class at Alexandra this year. There will be a more detailed mailer through me from MNZ office covering this topic. 

2The organisers of this years event would like to know how many riders are likely to ride a “twin Shock” class should one be available. If there is not a reasonable response they are not likely to cater for this class. This can be a difficult decision for riders because in some instance it is a decision as to which bike to ride. For some of you the answer will be dependant on whether there are others that are riding in a Twin Shock class. [This does portray the benefit of online entry as you can tell who is in what class as soon as entries are received]. I ask you to reply back to me ASAP as to whether you:    

A …..definitely want to ride a Twin Shock class or

B ….. you would ride a Twin shock class if there were enough entries to make a valid competition. 

Please remember that the Twin Shock class is a championship class and cannot be contested with a ‘club licence' 

Can Coordinators please distribute this note ASAP and riders respond to me without delay

Thank you

Jim Henderson

NZ Champs Classes
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