World Trials Champs Go Non-Stop

The FIM have announced that from 2013 The World Trials Championships will be run under Non-Stop rules. (See the Official Annoucement)

"In view of the current extremely difficult situation regarding participation in Trial events that is also leading to the free fall of the Trial motorcycle market, the FIM together with the Trial Manufacturers (Montesa-Honda, Gas Gas, Beta, Sherco & Ossa) has decided to take measures in order to find ways to revitalise this discipline."

This will apply to ALL World Championship classes and The Trial des Nations.

They go on to say that this decision was made "With the aim of making Trial more accessible, reducing the level of the sections, creating more dynamism, reducing the costs and increasing practice and participation, additional measures will be taken in the coming months"

The big question now is do we in NZ follow suit. The debate has already started (if fact it's been raging for years) and will no doubt be a hot topic and something that will have to be decided quickly.

For my 10cents worth… I don't think there's a choice to make, we have to follow what the FIM set down (like it or not), especailly for our young riders  who aspire to compete overseas.

Jim Henderson is seeking comments from all interested trialsters and has circulated an email from Karl Clark  on the subject (see below). You can contact Jim direct or post a comment here. 

Remember, in less than four months the North and South Island Champs will be starting and we need to decide before then, have your say now……

Hi to all interested Trialsters in NZ,

I forward Karl's email as a discussion piece. In the past I have had limited and varying views via email but if you believe that there is need [or no need] to change with the world [not 12mths behind] as Karl is  promoting we need to act promptly to make this happen. For prompt action I need your response.

I'm sure that I'm going to regret calling for public opinion but maybe I'm a sucker for punishment.

Jim Henderson for Moto Trials




Hi All,

Well I didn’t see that coming and will it last?  Myself, I don’t mind Stop or Non Stop, But if I had a choice I would prefer Stop rules, as I feel there is more skill in it for me. Like many of you being at the Worlds in Aussie this year, it was Not boring to watch stop rules, But you can see what they are saying, that there are only the top 3/4 at the front of top class every time and then a big gap to the rest of the rider’s. N.S would even it out and allow some up sets on the podium for sure.

We have just had our NZ champs and with all the talk of it been on the easy side, going Non Stop would fix this in the future. Going Non Stop makes the section’s at a good level for all the riders, I hate to say it,  But N.S takes some of the Skill/Balance away from riding trials and won’t let the top riders in each grade shine as much,  When you ride sections at more speed (N.S) then you are more likely to make mistakes and more likely to get a five than in Nz Stop rules where you can get your thoughts, take a minute :)  and get away with only a one mark instead of a five.






World Trials Champs Go Non-Stop
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