Waimak Practice Area/Night school

For those who weren’t aware the practice area at the Waimak was reopened just before Christmas (see below)  that means “Night School” will kick of again on Wednesday nights about 4pm onwards. It will run every week until daylights savings ends.

There will also be “Church” sessions on Sunday mornings when there is no trial on.


Hi All,

The MX tracks are opening this afternoon 

• The carparks have a new layout – entry is at the far end of each carpark and exit at the downstream end. Please follow the direction signs out there so the flow will work for all.

• The new track is still soft but has been tested and is ready for use.

• The Learners area has been split in to two separate tracks with a slow travel access way from one to the other.

• There are new rules for the whole area – helmets will be compulsory and anyone spotted by rangers in the area not wearing a helmet will be asked to leave.

• For safety reasons, quads will no longer be allowed in the Kaiapoi Island MX area.

• QUAD BIKE AREA – Don’t worry though, we have set aside a QUAD BIKE AREA on the south side of the Waimakariri River, off Haul Road (off McLeans Island Road). This is open now! There is a big cleared area to use plus about 2.5km of quad tracks through a new stand of trees.

• Please check out our Facebook page or website for more information, or contact us to be added to our emailing list specifically for MX and quad track updates.
Thanks and Merry Xmas!

Waimak Practice Area/Night school
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