2021 Kaikoura 3 days entry list

Riders entry list for 2021 edition of the world famous Kaikoura 3 Days Trial:

Updated 03/06/2021

Link to the entry form: Click here

  Class Grade Rider Swinger
1 00-Senior 00-Red Kevin Pinfold  
2 00-Senior 00-Red Gareth Wadsworth  
3 00-Senior 00-Red Rhys Bayliss  
4 00-Senior 00-Red Kim Pedersen  
5 00-Senior 00-Red Kevin Gundry  
6 00-Senior 00-Red Paul Mountstevens  
7 00-Senior 00-Red Tom Beedles  
8 00-Senior 00-Red Colin Downs  
9 00-Senior 00-Red Warrick George  
10 00-Senior 00-Red Craig Mills  
11 00-Senior 01-Yellow Jeff march  
12 00-Senior 01-Yellow David Kennedy  
13 00-Senior 01-Yellow Stephen Armistead  
14 00-Senior 01-Yellow Keith RUTHVEN  
15 00-Senior 01-Yellow Malcolm Reid  
16 00-Senior 01-Yellow CHRIS MORRISON  
17 00-Senior 01-Yellow simon hopkins  
18 00-Senior 01-Yellow Alan Honeybone  
19 00-Senior 01-Yellow Peter Osborne  
20 00-Senior 01-Yellow Roger Dunkley  
21 00-Senior 01-Yellow Ross Bristol  
22 00-Senior 01-Yellow Brent Downes  
23 00-Senior 01-Yellow Grant Anderson  
24 00-Senior 01-Yellow Brendon Wadsworth  
25 00-Senior 01-Yellow Kevin Tither  
26 00-Senior 01-Yellow Shane Brons  
27 00-Senior 01-Yellow Derek Pike  
28 00-Senior 01-Yellow Paul Wheatley  
29 00-Senior 02-Blue Ken Hosking  
30 00-Senior 02-Blue graeme hibbs  
31 00-Senior 02-Blue Dave Chambers  
32 00-Senior 02-Blue Nigel Bunny  
33 00-Senior 02-Blue Stefan Ingendae  
34 00-Senior 02-Blue Steve Fisher  
35 00-Senior 02-Blue Merv George  
36 00-Senior 02-Blue Peter Barnett  
37 00-Senior 02-Blue Peter Hosking  
38 00-Senior 02-Blue Christine Thompson  
39 00-Senior 02-Blue Peter Dunn  
40 00-Senior 02-Blue Mike Ward  
41 00-Senior 02-Blue Gary Allpress  
42 00-Senior 02-Blue Shane Ace  
43 00-Senior 02-Blue Gavin Fox  
44 00-Senior 02-Blue paul Corry  
45 00-Senior 03-Flags Richard Gardner  
46 00-Senior 03-Flags Richard Latimer  
47 01-Junior 00-Red Kahu Jones  
48 01-Junior 01-Yellow Clark Fountain  
49 01-Junior 01-Yellow Connor Newton  
50 01-Junior 02-Blue Leo Hogg  
51 02-Women 00-Red Gabby Gundry  
52 02-Women 02-Blue Emily Willard  
53 02-Women 02-Blue Shirley McDonald  
54 02-Women 03-Flags Hannah Newton  
55 03-Air cooled 02-Blue Chris Pascoe  
56 04-Twin Shock 01-Yellow Simon Jones  
57 04-Twin Shock 02-Blue Gwynn Gilmour  
58 04-Twin Shock 02-Blue Tony Smith  
59 04-Twin Shock 02-Blue David Davies  
60 04-Twin Shock 02-Blue trev wiley  
61 04-Twin Shock 02-Blue Stephen Reij  
62 04-Twin Shock 02-Blue Wayne Harper  
63 04-Twin Shock 02-Blue Alistair Gilmour  
64 04-Twin Shock 03-Flags Brian Hickton  
65 04-Twin Shock 03-Flags Brian Chambers  
66 05-Sidechair 02-Blue Paul Jackson Rob McKay
67 05-Sidechair 03-Flags Josh Stones David Trewin
68 05-Sidechair 03-Flags Derek Scott Ella Mountstevens
69 05-Sidechair 03-Flags Jules Huguenin Neil Belvoir
70 05-Sidechair 03-Flags Kendal McDonald Hamish Barnett
71 05-Sidechair 03-Flags John Lawton Ravo
2021 Kaikoura 3 days entry list
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