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Please click on the following links to see the days results:

Day 1 – Living Springs Results: 2018 NZ D1 results
Day 1 – Living Springs Statistics: 2018 NZ D1 Statistics
Day 1 – Living Springs Points:  2018 NZ D1 Points

Day 2 – Manderley Bay Results: 2018 NZ D2 Results
Day 2 – Manderley Bay Statistics: 2018 NZ D2 Statistics
Day 2 – Manderley Bay Points: 2018 NZ D2 Points

Day 3: – Greylees Road Results: 2018 NZ D3 Results
Day 3 – Greylees Road Statistics: 2018 NZ D3 Statistics
Day 3 – Greylees Road Points: 2018 NZ D3 Points (Updated)

To see some great photos taken by Peter and Lynette Barnett please click on the following link: Flickr

As always the club’s thanks to Peter and Lynette for these great photos.



SI Championship Results – Round 3 and 4

South Island Championship Results 

Please click on the following links to see the results of the two day event in Marlborough on the 22nd and 23rd of September.

Round 3:

Scores: Round 3 Scores
Championship Points:  Championship Points after Round 3
Day’s statistics: Round 3 Event Statistics

Round 4:

Scores: Round 4 Scores
Championship Points: Championship Points after Round 4
Day’s statistics: Round 4 Event Statistics

The club’s thanks for the results from the SilverBullet Web site.

“Have-a-go” Day

Hi Folks,

As the October 7th Pioneer Trial has been cancelled, due to the club’s commitment to the up and coming FIM National event, the Club is hosting a “Have-a-go” day, at the Waimak Trials Park, on the same date.

The event will start at 10am and finish about 4pm.

An electric powered Beta will be available for those that wish to ride, it has 20 inch wheels so suitable for kids up to 14 years old.

Jules will be available to help with use of the bike and will be bringing a BBQ for afterwards. 





New South Island Coordinator

The Club is pleased to announce that Glenn Smith has been appointed to the position of South Island Coordinator.

Sandra Hallie ( Trials Commissioner )  was quoted as saying “I congratulate Glenn Smith in the taking on the new role of the South Island Coordinator and I look forward to working with him” 


72nd Kaikoura 3 Day Results

Please click on the following link to see the full results from the 72nd Kaikoura 3 Day trial: Results

To view the great photos taken by Lynette Barnett at the event please click on the following link: Flickr

Sadly this year the weather did not come to the party and the third day at Mt Fiffe was a wash out. However a great time was had by all and it was great to see so many new faces.

The Pioneer club would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that came to this event and remind them to put it in their calendar for next year.