Puaha Valley Club Trial Report

Better late than never…

No misery at Puaha Valley this year, just ten great trials sections pegged by veteran section setters Alan Honeybone, Ross and Shane. This trial had a bit of everything – logs, mud, creeks, climbs, drop-offs, rocks of all shapes & sizes, and sunshine! The expert line on section six provided much of the entertainment, especially so for the Hainsworth TLR200.

Some special guest appearances bolstered the rider numbers. Paul Aubrey made the long haul trip from Alex’,the South Canterbury Trials Club sent up their ever improving youth squad and Paul Jackson made it over the wire of the life sentence block (though he copped a sore knee for his troubles).

Ross was complaining of trials overdose following the trip to the Nationals in the Waikato. However, there was some suspicion that he was hustling ahead of the club champs? Senior stunt rider Mel Knievel was up to his old tricks again. Great to see Hamish Barnett doing battle with the A line.

First timer Dirk had a ride on the Scotty’s loaner Beta after his own Scorpa started burning oil. It turned out to be a batch of oily fuel which made Scotty’s Beta smoke heavier than Rob Mckay.

Debrief at the Little Riviera Hotel saw the land lady ask Dick Gardener if he’d like his usual basket of fries with his beer.

Puaha Valley Club Trial Report
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