The flying Hobbit strikes again!!

Well the flying bit I had off to a tee but I reckon I've still got a bit of work to do on my landings (important part of the process so I'm told). Last thing I remember going into section two was El Capitan saying "go high on the bank"…….took that a bit too literally didn't I ?!! LOL.

Well in order to decide the winner of the sweep stake….it was almost a broken collar bone, managed to rip the ligaments away from my clavical so technically not broken. Tell that to my pain receptors will you !!

A few weeks and it should all be mended so the doc says. Can't complain about the ten days off courtesy of ACC though.

I want to say a big thank you to Sandra for her kind ministrations with the ice and offer to drive me home and to Kendall for putting my bike on the trailer and his gate opening skills. Thanks to Stefan for his kind concerns too.

The really bad part was missing the last round of the summer series. I'd had a good run up to then having enjoyed all the previous rounds so much. This was due in no small measure to the awesome efforts of "Team Downes" setting some of the most enjoyable sections ever in the series. I was so looking forward to Tui Creek as I'd never ridden there before but there's always next year. Once again thanks for a great effort.

See you all soon

The flying Hobbit strikes again!!
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